Purism Librem5 Linux Phone - Hands On

For those interested. :slight_smile:

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just reading the title, i thought someone here actually got their hands on one and was pretty excited to hear a first-hand account :nerd_face:

all in all an interesting first look at what appears to be a first production run. i particularly enjoyed the inclusion of a terminal in one of the 12 pre-installed apps, hardware kill switches and the off-hand comment something along the lines of “yes, because this is linux, we give you the ability to wipe your root folder by accident”.



Same here.

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right‽ i feel mildly bamboozled :bamboo:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIdmGSpZL8k Here’s mine or may be not

This is a palm-sized PC. Incredible! It’s devoid of anything that would lead one to walking into traffic while thumbing the phone–no social media, no chats, none of the infantile irritations of other people’s phones. It’s basically a 2003 flip phone with super graphics. And it’s only 1500 bucks! I’ll keep using my Moto G5 (~$100 now), thanks. But nice demo!