Putty is giving me problems

Putty is not connecting,or installing, or uninstalling,also doesn’t repair. Im new to the command line, I don’t want to try everything and ruin something, I’m not sure! Is there any one who can assist me with this issue? I have a assignment due by the 13 Nov 2019.

Would be nice if you could offer detailed information on your OS and other aspects of your situation.

Like I said I’m new to this! I’m in learning mode.I have Windows 10 64- bit, does that sound right?

If it’s putty.exe then it won’t install. You’ll have to double click the file each time you want to run it.

Putty not connecting can be because of several reasons. The server you are trying to connect to, is it running? Do you have an account to access this server? What parameters are you using to connect to the server (don’t share the password).

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Thanks, I know I have to file to open it. It’s install but it’s shaded out and repair is an option, when I try to repair it still comes back to the option to repair. It never changes to any other options. I’m very new to this, forgive me if I sound confusing.

Could you please try to delete the putty.exe file and download it again. It seems like the file you have is corrupted.

That’s my problem I can’t delete it, comes back to the same choice to only repair!

Could you make a short video clip of what you are trying to do and what is happening?