Python3-imdbpy dependency problem with Hypnotix program

Am running Mint-MATE,19.3. Dl’d the beta Hypnotix.deb file, and when I went to install, it was lacking a python3-imdbpy dependency file. Not available in Synaptic,and having a “run-around” at debian pkg site trying to dl proper file. Please advise. Thank you.

Does the deb file explicitly support Mint 19.3?

It does not state either way. However, I believe it starts from “Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)”, which means no support for19.3(?).

Hypnotix is available for Ubuntu 20.04 and Mint 20.

If you want to use it on Mint 19 series or Ubuntu 18.04, you should make sure that you have Python version 3 installed. With that, you can install python3-imdbpy.

I don’t have 18.04 otherwise I would have showed the exact steps for this process.

Thanks for the reply. I run Mint19.3, have installed Hypnotix,and installed python3-imdbpy; still does not run.