Q4OS returns to live system after install

I am attempting to use Q4OS in Virtualbox, but it doesn’t boot the installation, it just returns to the live system.

While it, admittedly, look dowdy and Windows-eque, Q4OS is lightning fast and seems to work well.

Can anyone tell me how to get past this?



I can concur with your findings.

I ran Q4OS up in Gnome-Boxes, via the usual method, using Gnome-Boxes default settings, of 2Gb ram and 21Gb virtual disk.

Then made x5 new folders in my documents folder. Reboot and the iso image disappeared from the display panel in Gnome-Boxes, odd.

Created a second new virtual box, opened the installer and through to partition schema, where it informed me there was no virtual disk available and did I want to install to my disk. Then closed my session.

I’ve never seen a Linux system with .exe style installer, before. :wink:

I figured it out and it is working beautifully now. All that was necessary was to dismount the iso file I used to load the system from inside of a live session.

Trinity is much nicer than KDE (which I dislike intensely), and I’ve since installed Mate which is what I prefer. I’m thinking that this will be good on an AMD A6 laptop I have which is fairly low performance.

Thank you, Mack, for responding to my post.


I did try a new iso, had same result, this time I saw a message that the Q4OS was automatically deleted, which not usual, not when closing Gnome-Boxes.

The “Debonaire” theme does transform its dowdy look, and less windy.


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I just stumbled upon this nice distro a few days ago.
Never had much sympathy for KDE since V4 (and for Gnome after V3…), maybe because after decades of using computers I’m bond too strongly to “traditional” interpretations of a desktop environment…

Nevertheless, I thought that it was time to try again and so I used the KDE version on a spare old Core2Duo with 3Gb of RAM.
And I was really astonished from the performance, even as a live system it worked really smooth on this oldtimer.
So I installed it and chose the full-blown KDE desktop, which installed fast and really user friendly.

Maybe I must change my mind about KDE, because I was asure about it to be really ressource-hungry, which is obviously not the case…

Just my 2 (€uro) cents… :wink:

Fast Edi

P.S. @sfarber5300 please don’t forget to set this thread as “solved”…

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If you’re a fan of gnome 2, as I am, you should install Mate on 4QOS. I ran it up in a VM, and it is both fast and gorgeous.


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