Qemu advent calendar 2023

Hi all, :wave: :christmas_tree:

for anyone interested in virtualization and for those who make use of qemu:

here´s something you might be interested in: the qemu advent calendar 2023: QEMU Advent Calendar 2023 .

The QEMU Advent Calendar 2023 features a QEMU disk image each day of December until the 24th. Each day a new package becomes available for download.

Every download contains a little ‘run’ shell script that starts the QEMU emulator with the recommended parameters for the disk image. Disk images are either contained directly in the download or are downloaded by the ‘run’ script (you need to have installed ‘curl’ or ‘wget’ in that case).

The disk images contain interesting operating systems and software that run under the QEMU emulator. Some of them are well-known or not-so-well-known operating systems, old and new, others are custom demos and neat algorithms.

The ‘run’ scripts (and disk images if included in the download) were created by volunteers from the QEMU community to showcase cool software that QEMU can run.

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face: