Query flatpak permissions

I am using Xfce - Xubuntu 20.04.4.
I installed Web (Epiphany) 42.2 from flatpak. While investigating some minor problems with Web I used command ‘flatpak permissions’ with the result shown below.

Read-write permissions are shown for several files. I do not know why these files have been selected here since I had not set up any of these permissions. The dummy name ‘database object’ holds the passwords for keypassxc.
snap.foliate does not exist on system, snap.keypassxc does exist.

I attempted to remove permission from snap.foliate as shown

The error response shown is simiar to that in bug report

Do these read-write permissions allow the contents of files particularly ‘database object’ to be changed from within flatpak?
How can the permissions be removed?

While not answering your questions, I would be curious to know if there is a specific reason you resorted to using Flatpak. Is it necessary in your scenario?

I like Web for providing a simple interface. I tried both versions 3.36 and 3.38 of Web and both versions had problems displaying videos. I contacted the Web developers but could not find a solution. The flatpak version (3.)42 displays videos without problems. The reason I was looking at flatpak permissions is that, for example, Super key + M will launch the email app Evolution and Super + W should launch the browser. It works with the other versions of Web but I have been unable to make it work with the flatpak version and suspected that it is to do with flatpak permissions.

Gave up trying to find reasons for the permissions shown. Purged Web and Flatpak installations, deleted any remaining files or directories with epiphany or flatpak in title. Reinstalled Flatpak and Web (Epiphany) 42.3 and all is working as expected without any flatpak permissions being set.

Still got problems. As noted above after reinstalling Flatpak and Epiphany there were no flatpak permissions but after running Keypassxc at the same time as Epiphany the following output was obtained (data is dummy name for the data file of Keypassxc)

It seems that flatpak is picking up information from the Keypassxc snap. This looks like a security hazard. It seems that snap and flatpak are not the self contained packages which they are claimed to be! Maybe snap and flatpak should not be installed on the same system. Could this be a problem with running flatpak/epiphany with Xubuntu?