Question About Quickgui

Has anyone on this forum have any info concerning the use of Quickgui?

I had to look it up… it uses another thing I have never heard of called quickemu, to set up a VM . It is graphical. It is based on qemu, so it is an alternative to virt-manager.

It is certainly worth a try. virt-manager with qemu/kvm underneath it works well for me.
Not sure if it is in repos of all distros… read a bit more… looks like it is a ppa… that is not ideal.

Think I would try quickemu first.

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So Quickgui is the front-end for Quickemu? Or do both have to de installed separately? I am looking for something to replace Lib-Virt, and is as easy as VirtualBox, to run on a Ubuntu install.

By all means give it a try… but beware of the ppa… they can make a mess of the package system. I cant comment, I have not used Quickgui or Quickemu.

Have you tried virt-manager.? It is in my opinion easier than Vbox to use… at least in Linux.
Using qemu at the command line was unrewarding, but virt-manager fixed my issues.

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I have, and I am not impressed. Will see if Ubuntu can handle Quickemu and Quickgui.
Create Virtual Machines Easily With QEMU-based Quickgui take a look at this.

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Each to his own.
I was able to get some help from @Rosika to get started.
Its the startup that is most difficult with all these things.

Let us know how you find Quickgui?
Lots of people (me included) find VM 's difficult… it may be the answer

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I compare all, VM’s, with how I use and run VirtualBox, and for myself VtrtualBox is #1 in the VM category.
I will be installing Ubuntu on a machine, that is now running Gentoo and W10, grub will be controlled via Gentoo, Ubuntu has been chosen, not because I like Ubuntu, but to me, Ubuntu is the “Windows of Linux” it will run most any application. Wish me luck!!!


I recently had trouble stopping Ubuntu from writing grub on the disk while installing…
I went to Mint instead. In Mint I found if you start the installer at the command line in a live Mint
ubiquity -b
it will skip the grub write step… no problems.

You may be able to do the same in Ubuntu
See the topic

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If I have to install grub in Ubuntu I will just disable os-prober and still boot with the Gentoo grub menu. Had to mow the yard this afternoon, looking forward too a cool shower and getting the lawnmower buzz out of my ears. Will try to install Ubuntu tonight.

Looks interesting, but if PPA is the only way of getting it - you can forget about it - I learned my lessons - I DO NOT install something if PPA is the only method…

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The problem is , if Ubuntu installs grub, it becomes the distro that configures grub.
You would have to go back into Gentoo, and install grub again from there, to get control of grub back to Gentoo.

Will a grub install affect your Windows? I hope it is on a separate disk?

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I will see if I can get the source from Github, and install it by hand in /usr/local. That should be safe.

Had a look. It requires Flutter, and in Ubuntu at least, that is a snap package!

Wear earmuffs. Your hearing will suffer.
I tend to forget you are in Summer

You sound like my Wife!!!
I have Ubuntu up and updated and running. Should I try with PPA or Github? You would have too help me with Github!!!

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I still mow the lawn in winter too… My old corded electric mower (nearly 20 years old) gave up the ghost 6 weeks ago, so I got a Ryobi cordless one that takes the same batteries as my whipper snipper and drills… Don’t need earmuffs with an electric mower :smiley:

No problem, bios is set too boot the Gentoo Disk first, I boot Windows and Ubuntu from the Gentoo grub menu, os-prober is disabled in Ubuntu.

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Github from source code sounds complicated.
I would need some time to try it first. Like a couple of weeks.
So try the PPA… but be prepared to reinstall Ubuntu if it mucks things up… or have a backup ready.

I am considering an electric rideon. They are expensive, but so are petrol rideons.

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Ryobi also have an electric ride-on - tried to justify the cost to the missus, but she wasn’t having it - fair call I 'spose as the lawn area’s only about 100 m x 4 m :smiley:

I am mowing over 3.5 acres, have no idea on how much time it would take with an electric mower. Takes about 4hrs with my John Deere and a 62 inch deck.
Not really concerned about Ubuntu, will try the PPA’s. You need to show me how to use Github.