Question regarding standing desk/monitor

Hi all, :wave:

I have question regarding a standing desk.

Recently I needed to move all of my computer equipment to another room. :neutral_face:
As I donĀ“t have that much space in there I decided to make use of a standing desk for computer/laptop which I had purchased quite a while ago.

ItĀ“s a ā€œBontecā€ model. I bought it from amazon and it can be found here:ƶhenverstellbarer-Workstation/dp/B079HVRFFC/ref=nav_ya_signin?dchild=1&keywords=computer+stehtisch&qid=1627222682&sr=8-5&

HereĀ“s how it looks like:

Well, it works as expected and generally IĀ“m satisfied with it.

One thing though which I might have to get accustomed to is a bit of ā€œshakingā€ or ā€œwabblingā€ for (lack of a better term) of the upper shelf. :thinking:

ItĀ“s like this:

My monitor (LG LED LCD-MONITOR-MODELL 22EA53VQ) is placed on the top shelf and my keyboard and mouse are placed on the shelf below that.

When IĀ“m typing something on the keyboard or use the mouse I realize a bit of the aforementioned ā€œwobblingā€ of the monitor.

I guess thatĀ“s to be expected as the very nature of such a standing desk (fixing and anchoring of the structure is mainly done in the lower parts)
would account for such a behaviourā€¦
ā€¦ and it becomes somewhat ā€œless stableā€ the higher it gets.

To be clear:

the shaking movement of the monitor is very little indeed, almost not discernible. I have to take a close look at it to be aware of it at all.
ItĀ“s just that I became aware of it as IĀ“m used to sitting at a normal 4-legged desk where of course thereĀ“s absolutely no movement at all.

My question is:

Is this minimal wabbling of the monitor o.k. or would there be cause for concern :question:

Thanks so much in advance.

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Rosika,
It will not hurt the monitor.
It has castor wheels. If the floor is soft (carpet) put a sheet of wood to stand it on, and put some weight on the lower flat.


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Hi Neville, :wave:

thanks so much for your quick reply. :heart:

The floor is hardwood, so thatĀ“s good then.
On the lower shelf thereĀ“s already the desktop tower. Sorry, I forgot to mention that.

ThatĀ“s the main thing. Good news then. :+1:

As I already said: The shaking is absolutely minimal. But it thought it would be better to ask around.

Thanks again and many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:


As a second step IĀ“ll have to look around for some balance board. It should make standing (and moving a little) much more comfortable, if I may believe what IĀ“ve already read.

Only change I would make would be to remove the wheels and sit it direct on the floor, unless you need it to roll or move. Solid surfaces work better than wheelsā€¦ But I agree with the other comments you received.