Questions about C Language

Why are always the OS’s are written in C language ??
Why not in other languages such as Python etc ???

There is a fundamental difference between languages which get compiled (translated) into machine code, the “native language” of computers, like C, C++, Fortran, Delphi etc., languages like Java which get compiled to Byte Code, a form of intermediate language which can be understood by a program, a so called “virtual machine” and get executed by it and interpreted languages like Python which get translated step by step into machine readable instructions.

For performance reasons, only compiled languages are used for creating operating systems. The preference for C is primarily for historic reasons.


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Could you pls tell how Linux system works ???
I’m sure to make you tired answering questions which come in my my brain due to extreme curiosity.


You can’t be serious, right!?

If you want to understand how Linux works, I’d recommend the following excellent book:


Sure, no problem.

Please, read the following PDF and apply everything you learn from it in practice, effectively creating your own Linux distribution. Once you are done with that, you have a fundamental understanding of the Linux operating system:


Linux from scratch!! Thanks a lot @Akito, I was searching like hell to get this resource :pray: :blush:


This link seems to be dead. The current version can be found here:
Published sept 1, 2021 :slight_smile:


The link that will keep working for a long time: