Questions about Linux Command Line

Is there any command similiar to
Diskpart ------> ??
chkdsk --------> ??
And used in Linux

Diskpart = parted maybe? or fdisk?

chkdsk = fsck

I don’t use Windows, and really have no idea what “Diskpart” is… I mostly don’t ever hardly use “parted” either - but I often use fdisk, so often, I can almost use it with my eyes closed…

fsck can usually only be run on unmounted devices - e.g. if your “/” is on /dev/sda1, you probably can’t fsck it…

Note also - there’s a GUI version of parted, called “gparted”…


@daniel.m.tripp’s advice is very good.

gparted is an excellent graphical tool to create, delete, shrink and increase partitions.

Note: In order to modify a partition, you need to unmount it. This can obviously not be done with a partition, you’re actively using. gparted therefore also comes with an ISO to create a bootable medium.

Please make sure, you backup your important personal data before messing around with partitions.



Diskpart ------->fdisk
Or GParted
Researched and tried it on many distros

Came to know this while installing Gentoo on Virtual Machines