Questions regarding Linux kernel version

I’m new to Linux Mint.So i’ve been reading about the Ubuntu LTS kernel versions.The latest Linux Mint version is 20.3(Una) based on Ubuntu 20.04.5 (LTS)with Kernel version 5.4. Is this kernel version of the HWE variant(with six months security update) or GA(General Availability with 5 years security update)?
When surfing for further information,found out that for HWE Kernel version,security updates are provided only six months after release after which the next version will be automatically upgraded.
1.For Linux Mint 20.3,after clean installation,will Linux Mint default to have an HWE kernel(version 5.4)which supports only for a short period of time & need to upgrade to a newer kernel series from time to time?
2.And if its a HWE kernel,does Update Manager automatically upgrade or the user will be prompted to manually upgrade the kernel version?

It’s HWE and it does get upgraded every two to three months. We are on 5.4 with number ending with 104
I’m currently using Linux Mint XFCE Edition 20.1 Ulyssa.
The update manager gets updated too, when we reach the next big number probably? Don’t quote me on that though. I do know that since installing Ulyssa, have had four update manager upgrades. HWE are automatic upgrades.

The 5.4 kernel in Mint will be supported and receive security updates until April 2025. So no worries there It’s stable and very good. If you have no hardware problems with Mint 20.3 then I would not upgrade the Kernel. If on the other hand you have newer hardware and it’s not running properly I would upgrade to the short term kernel 5.13, That one is only supported until August of 2022 and you will need to upgrade after that. But 5.4 is a solid and stable kernel and again if you are having no driver or hardware problems it will be best to stick with it. it’s now in 104th update.