Quizzes, anyone?

Hello FOSSers (yeah, I likely to use this term :stuck_out_tongue: )

There is a new section in the It’s FOSS portal. Unlike the weekly puzzles that are only for Pro members, this one is available for all.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

And feedback is always appreciated :pray:


Tried the which distro are you.
Think I gave answers correctly and it said I was Ubuntu but I prefer mint.
Did not say why it chose that and if mint would have been an option.
But as mint is based on Ubuntu ok
Know it’s just for fun but interested why.

Hmm… I think I could alter the quiz result to give some hints about why the specific distro was chosen.

In case you wonder why, each answer has some specific weightage for a distro. Based on the total, the result displays the distro.