QVGE - Qt visual graph editor

Let me announce QVGE - Qt Visual Graph Editor. It is a multiplatform graph editor written in C++/Qt.

QVGE is a fairly straightforward, open-source tool that enables users to manually design relatively simple graphs for their projects.

It has following features:

  • Easy interactive editing of indirected, directed or mixed graphs
  • Support of node and edge attributes (colors, shapes etc. as well as user-defined ones)
  • Auto-layout and auto-creation of graphs via OGDF framework
  • Import from GraphML, GML and GEXF formats
  • Export into PDF and popular image formats
  • Export into GraphViz DOT format
  • Export into DOT format
  • Export into GEXF format

The application can be downloaded from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/qvge

The project page & changelog on GitHub: https://arsmasiuk.github.io/qvge

Screenshot of the application:

qvge has been recently updated to v.0.6.1.

This version now support importing graphs from dot format by calling GraphViz directly, as well as running GraphViz layout engines on loaded graphs via GUI.

MS Windows and Linux are supported.

Well, QVGE 0.6.2 has been released today: https://github.com/ArsMasiuk/qvge/releases/tag/v0.6.2

Generally it is a bugfix release. Probably it will be the last of 0.6.x versions, because I’m aimining towards 0.7 in 2021.

Any commentars, suggestions and reports are welcomed :slight_smile: