r/FindMeADistro shutdown, gap in the market?

The reddit community to help people find a distribution for their particular situation is shutting down (30 June they will shut down, due to the API decission reddit made).

I think this is a perfect opportunity for itsfoss to fill in the gap and make a forum specifically for this purpose. Yesyes, I’m aware the “General Linux Questions” forum is supposed to cover this. This does not solve the problem, by a long shot.

The situation is that somebody shows up and does not see a specific place to ask his question about which distribution to use. In “General Linux Questions” it’s a hodgepodge of questions, and people looking for advice on what distribution to use might leave because of this.

I’m aware there’s the distrochooser website, but I’ve found that more often than not people still have questions which are not answered by that website. I’m also aware of distrowatch, but that website also doesn’t fill in the gap that will be left by r/FindMeADistro.

Could a tag be added “Find me a distribution”?

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A forum dedicated to ‘find me a distro’ would be a bit too much.

A category or tag would be more appropriate and surely we could accommodate it here :slight_smile:


I agree it is an important issue.
Choosing a suitable distro goes a long way towards helping a new linux user get started.
How to best cover it needs to be debated.
Sometimes personal advice is better than reading an article.

I have created a new category as you had suggested @xahodo

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Perhaps advertising it a bit wouldn’t hurt, how about mentioning it in the next itsfoss newsletter, and an article on the website?

It could be mentioned in the newsletter :slight_smile: