Raspberry Pi Pico Release

I just pre-ordered a dozen of these bad boys:

I am very happy to see that the people behind Raspberry Pi are really putting the pedal to the metal!
Thank you Raspberry Pi, great job!

Getting a micro-controller from Raspberry Pi is, as I assume, a great idea because Raspberry Pi is so famous and widely used, you will always find help and learning resources targeted at this product.
This is one of the many things that usually put me off with micro-controllers: even the most famous Arduino devices had issues with support and getting old, etc. Now with this Raspberry Pi micro-controller I expect a pretty big community behind it, with lots of effort put into this device, its support and resources.


I can only agree. I think, it’s great that Pi keeps innovating and providing new products for the maker community. For a while it seemed that their focus was more on cramming fully fledged desktop computers on their single boards (not that this was wrong, just a bit deviant from the original project).

Despite my enthusiasm, I don’t really see myself purchasing one of these: When it comes to hardware, I’m relatively useless. I can use a screwdriver and pincers, but that’s basically it.

What I also like about the company, is that it is British :uk: engineering at its best: Having lived some of the best years of my life in England, the lovely people of Britain have a sweet spot in my heart, although they disappointed me when they voted for the Brexit idiocy and every liar and buffoon, the Tories put up. (Sorry, I know, I’m not supposed to mention such stuff…)


Similar to me. That’s why I need to learn. There is not “I cannot” – there is only “I will learn”. :smiley:

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