Raspbian drivers on desktop


Hi Guys,
I have Raspbian installed on an old XP desktop it’s used for music and MP4’s etc. It works really well video playback is great but it won’t connect to my dongle. I installed the Realtek firmware but it’s not working. It works fine on a wired connection. it’s a Realtek 8171L dongle
My questions are if I install Ubuntu MATE for pi will it have the required drivers? I have installed Mint on several laptops and connected to the internet every time. Would Ubuntu be as fast and smooth as Raspbian?
I’m not able to do very technical stuff some of the solutions I read online made me want to install XP again!

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What “Realtek” Hardware is this exactly?
From your description it ssems that it’s an USB WLAN dongle of some sort.
Have you tried it on another machine with an “ordinary” GNU/Linux? Did it work there?
And what firmware did you install and how?

Maybe you can just post the outcome of
so maybe we can look up the correct way to get this piece working.

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I am unsure of the exact model of the usb dongle I can check later. It works with windows xp, 7, and 10 and with linux mint. I have a cd with the drivers on it for windows and linux but I have no idea how to install them. I installed the firmware using "
sudo apt install realtek firmware" its Realtek 8171Ldongle

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a quick way to test this would be to run it live to see if it works.

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Sir your reply is like a paper clip brilliant yet simple, I never thought of trying that. Thank you i will try and report back



hopefully that will do the trick. i have to admit that i didn’t know raspbian came in a desktop version. interesting to know :slight_smile:



It doesn’t. It is made only for Raspberry Pis running armv6l+.



It runs very well I want internet to watch you tube videos it’s currently only working with an ethernet cable

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you are indeed correct. i had the name wrong. they call it raspberry pi desktop. definitely seems like it would be interesting to check out.

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