Read 18.04 files on Windows 10


@Tech_JA I can’t check the private settings of the other people I set up the accounts for right now, but I just logged into the Web UI of Mega to triple check again what storage I have, etc. and it is definitely fact that I have 50GB free storage for several years now, since the beginning. I have ~42GB of accessible data on the cloud and everything works out.
The only thing that comes to my mind is that maybe they changed something through the years, but I haven’t noticed that. I recently set up another 2 accounts for friends though, so after a couple of months we will see if they remain with 50 or only 15GB.

Well, crap.

Once upon a time, signing up for MEGA got you 50GB of free cloud storage. You didn’t have to make referrals or jump through any other hoops. Better yet, that 50GB was for life, unless the MEGA servers get seized by the FBI like those of its predecessor, MegaUpload.

In a move that would make a ninja proud, MEGA surreptitiously sliced up the 50GB program in 2017. You still get 50GB for signing up, but only 15 of those gigabytes are yours forever. The other 35GB expires after 30 days.

Seems like my info was totally not up to date, sorry about that. Didn’t notice the change. :neutral_face:


@Akito, many thanks for your reply
When I get home I post an printscreen of my settings.

Edit: oh, was an update of rules. I didn’t know that too but thanks again for mention :+1:


If I understand the question correctly it is:

Can I read (and/or write) files from Linux partitions while Windows is booted (via dual boot) on the same machine?

Yes, there are drivers that you can install that implement ext3/ext4/btrfs file system for Windows. One provider is Paragon systems; visit:
As you might imagine, there is a bit of “fuzz” translating SIDs vs. UID/GID, ACLs vs. UGO permissions - but it is manageable. The cost is $20 for a full-support driver.