Read 18.04 files on Windows 10


Is there any way to access Ubuntu 18.04 files from Windows 10 dual boot ?


As far as I know, not “naturally” (as the other way around).
Either you get yourself a common space (maybe a separate partition) for both of them to access to, or you work with a somewhat “unsafe” approach via drivers/tools:
Like suggested here (German) or here

Hope that helps.


I thought I’d seen something on its Foss and went and took a look - don’t know if this will help you but here is the link -


This won’t work due to



It may be that the easiest way is to use Dropbox as the sharing space and access it both from windows and ubuntu.


There is no official Google Drive or Dropbox clients in Ubuntu, right ? I am afraid for my credentials.


Dropbox? I’ve been using it 10 years multi-platform (Win, Mac, Linux)… there are clients for Linux… they’ve made one change recently - to run it - the filesystem it’s on must be ext4… don’t really use Google Drive outside of the web-client… Dropbox have OFFICIAL clients for Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora etc… only Linux platform I never found a “proper” client was on Raspbian and other ARM Linux devices (there are CLI workarounds).

I remember ~10-12 years ago - there was an ext2 or ext3 “driver” for Windows to read ext formatted partitions… from my dim recollections, it seemed to work…

I use a combination of Dropbox and Resilio Sync to share files between Windows (my work laptop) and Linux …


Thanks @daniel.m.tripp

If there is a Dropbox client that would be ideal for me. Looks like there are a couple of Linux readers available for Windows 10 as well. But I think Dropbox client will be more useful in my case.


Bear in mind - Dropbox will mean you have two copies of each file…


If you reboot Linux before your Linux Dropbox has sync’d everything to the cloud, you won’t see the changed files in Windows…
For “free” I think you get 1 GB with Dropbox (I have 11.5 GB I’ve earned various ways over the years)…


@daniel.m.tripp I see, that you use Dropbox for a long time and are very used to it. Despite that, I’d like to show you a superior alternative, maybe you could at least have a look at it.

It has a focus on privacy, security and usability. You can share files and even chat with friends, using video, voice and text, etc. I use this for many years and since then don’t really use any other service, except I am forced to.
Btw. it comes with 50GB for everyone (+ optional 10+20+15GB for 180 days if you install the MEGA app, etc.), so your earned 11.5GB are values from 15 years ago, I guess. :laughing:

It also has a phone app, browser extension for extra security (secures connection additionally) and usability (makes access quicker, but more secure), Thunderbird extension for extra usability and security (sharing files from MEGA quickly ove e-mail, as an example), a CLI client, as well as a WORKING Linux sync software with GUI and so on, whatever you need.


what I do is in Ubuntu, make a copy of the file I like to see in Windows in a Ddrive, folder Transfer. After a restart on Windows , you can find that file.
The other way around, in windows put the file in the Ddrive Transfer folder and once restarted on Ubuntu, you can mount the Ddrive Transfer folder and find your file.
The transfer via dropbox or even via Firefox Send, is also working fine.


Google drive will work in any modern Web browser and Ubuntu has a Dropbox program that works; just check the Ubuntu solfware library


I’ve always found a Dropbox client in every distribution. Google Drive is right there on the web, always. And somewhere in this thread MEGA is mentioned, the remote storage system that gives everyone 50GB of free storage.

So there are three viable alternatives.


Though, I’d like to add that it would be even worth to use MEGA if you would “only” get like 10GB, due to all the other positive points regarding this service.


I run Windows as a VM (VMWare) and define my /home folder as a shared resource that the VM can see. I can access any and all files on that EXT4-formatted partition from the Windows VM. But, for shared data (accessible to both OSes), my ‘DATA’ partition is formatted as NTFS and also defined as a sharable resource in VMWare. This is an artifact from when I dual-booted so I could access files from both OSes. Good Luck!


More info about

After @Akito mentioned this site I did some tests with Mega because I’m looking an alternative to Dropbox
The total space for a free account is very confusing, for example you have 50 GB free plus more bonus for rewards. This is not tottaly true
I wrote to the support and the base quota for a free account is 15 GB. You can check on settings panel the rewards or bonus you can earn in space have above 15GB are limited in time
They told me to prevent lose my account or my data due to the inactivity l have to login at least once every three months

@Akito, thanks for tip of


I don’t know about that. I just know that I set up my own account and several accounts for friends/family and all of them have 50GB respectively on their free account, permanently.


Strange… I have 50 GB free and when I checked in settings, 35 GB have a limited time of 30 days
This is the reason I wrote to support.

Email received today:

"About your questions:

  • Without bonus and expiration dates how many amount of space can I have with free account forever for my files work?
    You have a base quota of 15GB of storage.

  • I need do enter in MEGA regularly to don’t loose the account?
    To prevent lose your account or your data due to the inactivity you have to login at least once every three months."


Just to add my two penny worth Dropbox is included in Software Manager in Mint I was just looking at the software manager for some thing I am working on.


@ElectricDandySlider, thanks for the info :+1: