Reading Encrypted disks in Linux Mint

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This should be fairly simple. I just want to view my the encrypted partitions of my external hard drive in Linux Mint. In Kubuntu/Windows, as soon as you plug it in, you get a pop-up asking for passwords for these disks. But Mint doesn’t even recognize these encryped partition. I reckon there must be some simple plug-in/patch which enables this (prefer a GUI interface and not a command prompt). Please advise how this can be done.

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Insufficient data. Cypher base?

Ummm…what?? :thinking:

I am only asking how can one read encrypted partition on Linux Mint…

Kubuntu can do it, just like Windows. There must be a simple way to get LM do the same as well, I reckon.

What did you use to encrypt the files?
Have you tried EncFS?

I wrote:

To add more, these partitions are encrypted via Windows bitlocker. Never heard of EncFS, let me find out; but, I hope you understood my issue.

Do a search in startpage for “read Windows bitlocker files” (no "). The results I found were links to site explaining how to mount in linux/read/etc.
Do you have the key?
Hope this helps

Sighh…never mind!

Check this out: