Really need hardware advice about HDDs failing unnaturally fast

I have a WD drive that now has SMART warnings that it’s gonna fail soon. THe SMART info says it has been powered on a month, has 2,662 reallocated sectors and all other numbers fall well within normal. I just bought this drive recently, and in early June it had one hour of power-on and zero bad sectors.
Meanwhile, my other HDDs (Toshiba and another WD) have been on 9 months and 16 months respectively, with no reallocated sectors.

But the plot thickens. Running badblocks produces the comment:

Pass completed, 0 bad blocks found. (0/0/0 errors).

This is the third hard drive to fail in that same position. Say what you will, but I STILL think there may be something wrong with the electricity (voltage changes, inconsistent delivery, something!!) How can I test this?

I have already bought a Samsung SDD to take its place. If there IS an electrical issue here, will that not also damage the SDD?

How do I diagnose, test or remedy this situation?
Links to hardware forums greatly appreciated.

Clone the drive and leave this one be. Now.


Reallocated sectors don’t need to produce bad blocks as sought for by this command.

You would need one of these.

And schematics/documentation regarding the PCBs, etc.


I ran across this on the web;

This is actually a good point, I forgot about that obvious one.
Btw, your link is down, right now.

Well I can add to the reply about the heat, also humidity. Living here in North Queensland, when the temp get up around 40 C and higher in summer, up to 46 C inside, the PC does slow down, they do not like heat, once the CPU on a normal really hot day reaches 70 C it really starts slowing down and playing up so I turn it off. This was when I had the other PC i5 Windows a couple of years ago. Also with humidity, the memory cards have to be pulled out and sprayed with electronic cleaner or rub with an eraser when things start playing up also I take all the connectors to hard drives and other connectable hardware and spray with electronic cleaner then spray with the air cans sold here, the air cans are just a high pressure air for removing dust et cetra off key boards on laptops. What I am saying, the PC’s do not like heat, at all, the laptop seem to fair better when in a cooler areas of house. All the same machines do not have any problems in cooler normal days. 38C. and lower.


I can’r remember where, but I read an article of temperature and HDD. I am not sure if it wasn’t on the Its Foss site or not - you make a really good point with this really Dennis

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