Realtek RTL8723BE wifi card does not work in Ubuntu 18.04

I have connection drops issue after 10-15 minutes wifi connection gets dropped and gives message “Activation of network connection failed” after this it won’t connect no matter what and the only solution left is to restart the laptop. In entire day I have to do it dozens of times. I am running Ubuntu 18.04 with Realtek RTL8723BE wifi card. I have almost tried every solution posted on internet Larry finger, dmks etc but no success. please suggest any solution should I replace internal wifi card or buy external wifi dongle or any driver solutions. This issue is haunting me from several months

this page mentions Larry Finger, but i figured i would pass it along in case you hadn’t tried it already:


Hey thanks for the quick reply but as mentioned in the post I have tried antenna swapping but it does not work. yesterday I opened up my laptop to my surprise there issx only single antenna port given the main/port 1 there is no aux port(secondary port). I don’t know but i think this antenna swapping commands won’t work if that’s the case correct me if am wrong.