Recommend light distro for VM & specific software


I haven't used linux much, or i'd probably know this answer already. Can someone recommend a light linux distro for the following use case.

  • To be Used in a VM
  • It will run a few perl scripts and yt-dlp (python) via cron every so often.
  • Bittorrent (prefer qbittorrent for network adapter binding)
  • VPN (pia)
  • A desktop, but nothing fancy.
  • I also would like it in the Debian family, as I’m most familiar with it.


Peppermint OS is a decent choice. You may also use something even lightweight like OpenBox on Debian itself.


What is your host system, Windows or Linux?

Hi all, :wave:

Bodhi Linux is incredibly lightweight.

  • A desktop, but nothing fancy: check
  • in the Debian family: check
  • To be Used in a VM :check # I´ve been using it in a VM for ages (1 GB of RAM assigned to it, runs perfectly)


Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face: