Reconnect WIFI after being dropped

Ubuntu 20.10, GNOME 3.38.1
WIFI not reconnecting after getting dropped

For months I have searched this topic on It’s Foss, Ask Ubuntu, Google, and there are many, many solutions, probably because no answer is universal, at least I have tried several and none have worked for me. This problem seems to have been plaguing Ubuntu for years now and we are no closer to the answer than when we started. In my own case, this happened if I invoked airplane mode, if I had let my computer idle for more than about 15-20 minutes, if the screensaver took over… I checked the Settings and in every case the computer stated that it is connected to WIFI, but that was not so. I cannot reach any site, I cannot ping, so I must restart the computer and then all is well again. This is not affected by the brand of computer.
Do you have a solution, too? Can this be escalated to the Very Important People?

I don’t remember how, but I turned off Power Management on the WIFI Adapter.

It’s not a solution but a work around.

If your problem associated with screensaver, try changing the power settings to never dim the screen and activate the screensaver.

(Correction: this should be titled Random Disconnect from WIFI, not reconnect…)

Taking a hint from TrekJunky, above, I thrashed about and investigated this Power Management thing. Lo and behold, the answer may have been in front of me the whole time. In (ubuntu) Settings > Power > Power Saving > Automatic Suspend, the value can be toggled On/Off. On a lark I set it to Off, and happened to leave my computer alone for about a half hour. After dinner I picked it up and the WIFI was still active. Who knew? I have found that if I cause a disconnect somehow, such as by invoking Airplane mode, the WIFI does not automatically reconnect, despite its implications, but that’s a different problem and at least it’s not dropping for the lapse of time. So all of the file editing and setting of obscure values may have been just three ways around a square. Of course, I expect this to blow up in my face tomorrow when the computer gods have a good laugh at my expense, but for now it seems to be working. Thanks TJ.