Recording Music Stream

I have been using Linux Mint for years, and I recommend it to many people. However, in all those years, I have not found a software package that will allow me to do what this Windows software does.

Can anyone recommend something? Yes, I know about Audacity, but it does not do what Replay Music does. Thank you for your help.

Hi Todd,

It looks like Replay Music might work running under Vine. I found this;

I suppose another option might be to run Windows in a VM in Linux.

Maybe a bit dated, but I also found this;
single "app" to rip/store/play music? - Linux Mint Forums

I hope this helps. If you run across a good solution post it here for us to read.

Another Mint user. Have a good day.

If the main purpose is to get the ability to record streaming audio, please look at the Audio Recorder tool mentioned in the later section of this article:

I used it some years ago and it worked okay for recording streaming music.


I use Audacious for listening to music, if not Spotify.
Audacious can play streaming audio, such as online radio stations.
Via it’s file writer option it offers recording capability, similar way like I used to put musics on cassettes in the 80’s…
Just press the record button :slight_smile: advancement is that I don’t have to rewind the tape, just open the recorded file :smiley:

If it’s Spotify, I record it with parec, after setting up a combined sink in Pulseaudio.
That’s done by a script I forked on Github, and modified to my own taste and needs.
Not quite comfortable, but usable, and I need it only for transferring some music to the player of my car, which can play mp3 from a pendrive only.

Sounds interesting - care to share?
I sometimes find myself wishing I could grab some song or other (I have several shell scripts that call other publically available things - like youtube-dl, yt-dlp and bandcamp-downloader - e.g. I have a basic script called usong to grab just the audio from some youtube video) that’s online (streamed) I can’t otherwise get to.

My bash script “usong.bash” basically does this :
youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-quality 0 --audio-format mp3 $URL
I interchange seemingly at random between the official youtube-dl, but sometimes its fork “yt-dlp”
(I can’t post the content of the shell script here - 'cause it’s literally quite chock full of nasty cuss words :smiley: )

Sure, if you whish…

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“programmers know best the language of swearing”
I read this somewhere in a Murphy’s book of laws…

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OK - I don’t use Spotify… I have in the past, on Linux…

I just remembered my “use case” - through a bunch of Amazon purchases, I earned three months free access (90 days) to Amazon Music, and there was an album for a band that I wanted there (most of their stuff apart from this one album is on Bandcamp) and I’m seeing them live tomorrow night (DEVILLE from Sweden) - and I prefer to have my music as local copies (preferably FLAC format) and play through a player application (I use Sayonara on Linux, “Music Player Full” on Android, and Calibri on MacOS - incidentally - Calibri is developed by a Hungarian native, but he resides in New Zealand)… However - I did manage to find a “backup copy” of this album - so no longer needed to rip it from a stream…

I do, and I do love it. We have a family account, so get no ads, but get the ability to play with the extraordinaly best quality…
…and I find there tremendous music for my taste, it’s like an inexhaustible mine…
Problem comes, when I want to listen to it when offline in my car…
So the ripper is a tool for me, which allows me that.

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DAMN! That Swedish band DEVILLE hid their latest album on a different spot @ Bandcamp (my favourite music source) - so I just bought if for a bargain price of 7 euros ($13 AUD)…

DEVILLE on Spotify :

DEVILLE (latest album) on Bandcamp :

This cheeses me off - how some artists switch label, and their main Bandcamp page doesn’t have links to their new label, or their new label doesn’t have links back to their back catalogue - LIKE WE FANS ARE EXPECTED TO BE MIND READERS!!!

Things can only get worse from here-on in - Bandcamp are now owned by a game publishing company (Epic MegaGames)…

But at least my purchases are still available in FLAC… and at least they still have Bandcamp Friday where 100% of royalties go to the artist (unlike Spotify/Apple where artists get something like 0.00001% of royalties) - and they do things like Juneteenth where ALL sales go to programs that align with Juneteenth (which I think is a worthy cause, even if I’m not in USA).

I’v been using audio-recorder on Ubuntu 22.04, I suppose it works on Mint. It allows me to choose the audio channel. I have been using it in particular to record a zoom conference (from a separate computer).
Just run sudo apt install audio-recorder.

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