Red Hat applications on Ubuntu?

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Are Red Hat applications compatible with Ubuntu?


which applications or programs are you interested in? many programs are packaged for lots of different linux distributions.

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ColorNavigator 7.tar.gz

It is Color Management software for Eizo monitors (official software). ColorNavigator 7 for Linux has been tested on RedHat Enterprise Linux distribution. They dont support other Linux distributions.

where did you get the file from? what is in the directories when you decompress the archive? are there any instructions for building it from source?

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Build it from source. If not possible, you have to extract the rpm archive, put the items in the correct directories on your OS and make sure that you install the Ubuntu equivalent of the dependencies that the rpm package would have installed on a Red Hat based Linux distribution.

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Sorry guys - I have no idea what you are talking about :slight_smile:
The file can be downloaded from here:
I got the link from Eizo customer services. The password is eizo

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I have no instructions or anything… except that link.

a .tar.gz file is similar to a .zip file in windows. in order to do anything with it, you need to extract the contents. ubuntu probably has a graphical program that will do that, but i don’t know what it is so i used
tar xvzf ~/Downloads/"ColorNavigator 7.tar.gz"
(from here)


Did that work - could you start ColorNavigator?

all that command does is extract the directory and files. you would then need to run the included installer. i don’t see anything in the installer script that is red hat specific.

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The main script, in the extracted folder /ColorNavigator 7/ (who the f–k even puts spaces in folder names? this would be a capital offence in my benevolent dictatorship) “” doesn’t seem to do any “Red Hat” stuff - BUT - big proviso, in /ColorNavigator 7/bin, there is a script that just a bunch of yum stuff, which is VERY RedHat (but might work equally well on Oracle, or Fedora or CentOS), I don’t know if / what is calling or going to call it - but :

in my case, the extracted tar file in my home dir :

/home/x/tmp/ColorNavigator 7/bin


/home/x/tmp/ColorNavigator 7/bin/ - which will expect to run the Red Hat yum command.

So - I think your mileage will vary somewhere between buckley’s and none (i.e. probably no dice) - sorry mate…


Hi there pkr1979.
Since (as I understand) it’s not possible or it may be too difficult to do a rebuild to Ubuntu…
Sometimes, going around the mountain is be best, or the easiest or wisest thing to do.
So,getting a little off topic, but, (maybe) going strait to your needs, you can look at this comments to see if anything you can use:

Hope it can help you.
P.S.: I don’t know anything about color calibration, but I think the most accurate technique uses external hardware.

Hey - thanks. Im using DisplayCal and Spyder today :slight_smile:

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