Refreshed Fedora Project website

Have you seen the refreshed version of the Fedora Project website? It looks pretty darn good.


They seem to support a lot of editions and dte’s and what they call ‘labs’ which I guess are just various app selections preinstalled.

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Looks good. Gives it a facelift and refreshed look.

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Looks so clean and modern!

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Hi @sourav and welcome,
Let us hope that the software is clean and modern too.
Has anyone tried the latest Fedora?


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It’s on my list to try, but I haven’t been thrilled with it in the past, so it isn’t a high priority.


Tried 36 and 37 last year - such a PITA to get decent GPU support (have to install other repos like RPMFusion, then you get conflicts between Fedora Repo packages, and RPM Fusion repo packages - too much hard work FUGGEDDABOUDIT!)…

I’m sticking with Pop!_OS for the time being…

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