Reinstall Ubuntu in dual boot os which have been currupted

I have dual boot system windows 10 +ubuntu 16.04.Both os have been currupted.How to reinstall Ubuntu 16.04 without loss hard disk data.

Better prevent than cure: regular backups make it possible to restore personal data easily after a fresh re-install.

However, you can boot from a live system on optical disk or pen drive (nearly all distributions offer this option) and copy your data to a pen drive or an attached hard drive.

If I were you, afterwards I would install a newer version of Linux than a 16.xx.


As @Mina mentioned, the best way would be to make a back up of your data on an external disk and the format the entire system.

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To keep a viable dual-boot system, installing *buntu last will set up GRUB properly. Windows doesn’t do that, so install it first.

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Both systems are currupted so how can i backup.

As I said: Use a live system from a DVD or a pen drive - if you don’t have any access to your computer and you don’t have a second one, ask a friend to download one and put it on a bootable medium.

Boot into the live system, attach an usb drive and copy all important files to the usb drive, then reinstall your operating systems.

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Well, don’t wanna be the smartass here, but you can’t make an insurance AFTER your home burnt down…

Imagine the following:

  1. What you mean by “corrupted” is basically the corruption of most or all files on the disk. (Usually this can only happen due to hardware errors, but let’s forget that, to keep this example simple.)
  2. Making a “backup” of corrupted files is like you are trying to recover your furniture from the house that just got burnt down entirely.

Now how do you want to do that, exactly? You can’t do the impossible. You need new furniture.

Additionally, as already mentioned, if most files are truly “corrupted” then it usually happens due to disk errors. So even if the files might technically still work, if you are super lucky, then you need the disk to work to be able to retrieve the files in the first place. So no plain re-installation of an OS to fix that. That’s insane.

Listen to the advice the previous comments explain to you. Try to boot a live medium, to rescue the data you need, if possible. Perhaps not all files are “corrupted” as you say, not only because this is very unlikely to happen.

If all that fails, there is only one advice left for you:
Take this is a harsh life lesson about your behaviour. Next time, make proper backups of your data before everything breaks. That’s the whole point of backups, as is the case with insurances. You have to think ahead and not drive a motorcycle without any head protection and then try to recover your splattered brain from the road after you crashed into a car…


Thank you for help…

Thanks for suggestions

I have bootable pendrive with ubuntu 20.04…how to reinstall it…In boot menu there is no option for boot from usb