`REmap` package and radar chart inside `echarts4r` package showing blank plot


REmap package and radar chart inside echarts4r package showing blank plot.


明白了Echarts.jsadminLTE.js都会使用$来作为一个调用的接口, 产生了冲突, 在JS层面产生了冲突, 所以不能同时使用

除了把它用htmlwidgets重写掉之外, 我想不出有什么解决的方法…

Citation: shinydashboard中如何展示REmap?DT::dataTableOutput一起用显示空白? #29

Check your canvas in the page. I suspect it’s just really huge and you need to scroll down a little to see it.

Citation: shiny htmlwidget renders blank

You can try using some jQuery directly in order to respond to the user clicking on the button. The onRender would be:

Citation: Shiny actionButton() output in onRender() function of htmlWidgets

原因总结 (transl: Reason)

  1. echarts路径错误 (transl: 1. echarts path error)
  2. 没有相关的json数据 (transl: 2. No relevant json data)
  3. 没有引入jQuery (transl: 3. doesn’t import jQuery)

原因总结 (transl: Reason)

Citation: 运行echarts的官方示例显示为空白的解决方法

Tried to raise an issue on GitHub 明白了Echarts.js和adminLTE.js都会使用$来作为一个调用的接口, 产生了冲突, 在JS层面产生了冲突, 所以不能同时使用 #428 and noticed that somebody knew js via 写了个htmlwidget R包:faq, somebody shade me a light?