Remote desktop connection on linux

Greetings, I need to set up a remote desktop connection on linux.
What is the best way to do this?

Check out these:

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There are many options. I use Remmina this software to establish remote desktop connections to Linux systems. It is open source and supports other remote protocols in addition to RDP. Detailed instructions on how to install can be found here: Remmina Remote Desktop Client | HelpWire blog
I like this tool because it has an optimized and user friendly interface which makes it easy to use.
Hope I was able to help you!


+1 for Remmina. Long time ago far away in a galaxy, when I still had Windowses on my computers, Remmina worked for me the best to connect from Linux to Windows computers.
Now, if it’s about only Linux → Linux remote desktop, I’d check out X2Go.
start [X2Go - everywhere@home]


Thank you - I didn’t know this client. Easy to remember name (for me): RemoteMina :grin:


Been using Remmina extensively, for the last 4+ years but - no longer… a life-saver - previous to that - I’d just used “rdesktop” from a shell script - till Microsoft started getting strict on SSL / TLS and I had to abandon it (I prefer CLI stuff 'cause then I can script it)…

But Remmina doesn’t work with Microsoft Remote Desktop Workspaces AFAIK… which is what I’m using in my job…

Fortunately Microsoft Workspaces can run in any modern HTML5 web-browser…