Removing a duplicate Desktop folder


How about 2 Desktops on one laptop? :wink: Well, not real desktops. I got 2 desktop folders on my laptop and can’t get rid of one on them. One (the correct one) is under /home. The other is in a folder in home. Even as root, It will not delete. Yes, I put there. :roll_eyes:

Is my lap too old?

are you asking how to remove one of those desktops?


Yes, I was hoping someone would get the hint. :crossed_fingers:


is this on your mint 19.1 computer?


No, it is on my 18.3 laptop. I moved the Desktop folder to a sub-folder and then back to /Home. But the desktop folder in the sub-folder stayed behind.

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what folder is the copy of of Desktop in and what have you tried so far to remove it?


I moved it to a folder call DMPP. I places an item on the desktop, but it did not show up. I move Desktop from the folder back to /Home. Now, whwn I place an item on Desktop, it shows up. When I go back to the folder DMPP, a Desktop folder is still there. So it look like I have 2 Desktop folders. I tried opening the folder as root and deleting the bad / wrong Desktop folder, but that did not work.


it sounds like you would like to get rid of a directory located at /home/*user/DMPP/Desktop (*your user name). is that correct? is it empty? what did you do to try and delete it? did you right-click on it and try that way or did you try through the terminal?

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I thought I opened the folder as root and tried to delete it. I will try it again. Wow, now it is gone! :smiley:
Now, something else looks funny. :face_with_monocle: (I got to get more sleep and stop drinking …LOL). All the folders in /home are now displayed on the desktop. (?) And if I click on Home, all the folders are there also.

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usually there is some kind of a menu that opens if you right-click the desktop that should let you change settings (including which folders appear as shortcuts there). i can’t get much more specific than that since i don’t run mint. i don’t even keep any shortcuts on my desktop :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t sure about this question either as it is not very clear at all and quite confusing - it was only after reading further that I had and clear idea of what this was about.
The answer to the question as now understand it is here :


Drinking & using Linux, is a mixture that does not work, LOL … :warning:

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Hi 76ron,
Well, one really nice thing about Linux is that it is easy and quick to install a fresh copy. That’s want I ended up doing to remove the unwanted folders.