Replace Thunar with Nemo

I am trying to fully replace thunar by nemo. I 've found the tutorial for ubuntu. Can anyone help with tje same for xubuntu?

can you give a more detailed explanation of what you are trying to do? ubuntu doesn’t come with thunar as the default file manager so i’m not understanding how your second sentence relates to your intended goal.

i have read a few times that removing the default file manager in any distro or desktop environment can cause system breakage or instability as there are plenty of ways the two are tied together that the user doesn’t expect (probably something to do with mine type association) so the recommendation is to install use to your heart’s content another if desired but leave the default in place.

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I have a pc using Xubuntu and a pc using Ubuntu. On the PC using ubuntu I installed nemo and made it to handle the desktop using the commands provided in the tutorial I read deleting nautilus after that. I wan t to do the same with Thunar. I want to make Nemo the Default File Manager and I also want it to handle the desktop and get rid of Thunar for good

does everything still work as expected on ubuntu using nemo? can you share a link to the tutorial?

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Yes it does. The link to the tutorial is that.


The problem you will run into trying to do that on Xubuntu is that XFCE does not have all the Gnome things your going to need. Nemo and nautilus are both Gnome centric file managers and you can replace one with the other. Thunar which is used by XFCE does not depend on Gnome so Nemo is not likely to replace it as default file manager. And if you do get all the dependencies to work you will be basically replacing most of XFCE with Gnome. Which in turn will defeat the purpose of having XFCE as the desktop in the first place. Why not just install mint on that machine then you’ll have Nemo by default.


Because I don’t like cinnamon and mint for starters also I don’t care so much about Thunar itself but for some of the characteristics Nemo has such as open as root, the capasity bar under the storage and some things like that. So if I could have those thongs in Thunar I wouldn’t try to change it. But as of now I haven’t found a solution close enough so I am just trying to replace Thunar with Nemo

it seemed pretty clear from the how to you posted that this was a big part of (especially since nemo was forked from nautilus) why that particular replacement was possible. i understand wanting to use a program that you prefer. i hope you find a way.


you can configure thunar to open as root with right click this way.

  1. Open the File Manager (Thunar, in this case)

  2. Click ‘Configure custom actions’ under ‘Edit’

  3. Add a new custom action

  4. In the menu that pops up you can write exactly what you’ll see when you right-click. I wrote “Open as Root”. The command you have to input is: “pkexec thunar %f”.