Repurposed Acer Ast 180 PC

Running Linux Mint 19.3 on an old Acer Ast 180.

Acer Boot HDD

This is my boot drive with Vista Basic and the partitions needed for Linux. I put the Vista partition and the /home Linux partition next to each other, this will make it easier, if I ever delete the Vista partition.
The command list after I install Linux:
sudo apt update (I do not use the update icon for the first update)
sudo apt list --upgradable
sudo apt upgrade (This is the command that will start the update)
ls /user/lib/locale
sudo locale-gen --purge --no-archive (This sets the english locale)
sudo timedatectl (Checks time entry)
sudo timedatectl set-ntp true
sudo timedatectl set-local-rtc 1 (This will keep time clock in sync with Windows)
sudo nano /etc/default/grub (Set grub from 10 seconds to 30)
sudo update-grub
After a reboot I will then go to the Software Manager and install the software I wish to run. I will also start using the update icon to keep Mint updated.
This is for the Mint distro, other distros may be different. I chose the Mint/Mate DE, because that is what I prefer, if you like XFCE or KDE or any other DE, then that is what Linux is about, choices.

Acer Data HDD

I have deviated from my usual install of Linux, especially Linux Mint, and added another data drive to the install. This is totally optional, I did this simply because I have several 500GB drives laying around, collecting dust. It does make a way to keep both Windows and Linux, to use a local backup.
Linux Mint has a program called “Timeshift” for a system restore. It works, and I have had to use it on occasions, but it will only write to a ext3 or ext4 partition.
As you can see, the drive has two part partitions, one ntf for Vista bkup, and one ext4 for Mint bkup. I have Mint Timeshift set to run once a month, and the drive will show as mounted on the Mint desktop. The only way to access that partition is through Timeshift, we will see how it works.

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you can’t access it through caja (the mate file manage)?

No, Timeshift locks the partition for Timeshift use only, I knew this would happen. I would rather store Timeshift restore to a partition separated from the boot drive, rather than it use my /home partition.

that is interesting. i have read that before, but neither of my timeshift partitions are locked. i don’t usually use mint or caja though.

Not sure if caja has anything to do with the lockdown, but unless one deletes the partition, it does keep the restore points isolated. The Timeshift restore points can also be accessed via live cd to restore Mint. The partition acts like an encrypted vault, more than anything. Nautilus may open this partition, but I am not sure if Nautilus is installed.