[ Resolved ] Kernel and GPU issues

Hi fellow members,

Due to my Haswell rig giving up the ghost, no new 4th Gen Z chipset mobo available, had to buy a new rig sooner than I wanted to, has any one had experience of 8th Gen cpu, Z370 mobo and 1060 GPU card. Was able to install a desktop, with a 4.15 kernel.


  • Dual boot W10 Pro with Debain 9 (preferred).


  • Debain failed to install. Knew it would be doomed.
  • Even with the “unofficial firmware.iso”. Minimal grub screen only.
  • Ubuntu based distros installed a functional desktop, but had issues.
  • Removed the M.2sata SSD that had Windies, and install to the 2.5” SSD, it was and still is seen as sda (Disk 1 in M$ parlance), as it shares bandwidth with the M.2sata drive, that is Disk 0.
  • Tried Linuxmint 19 and Peppermint 9.
  • They install to “safe graphic rendering” mode. But not in a frozen, hung state.
  • Nvidia settings are missing.
  • Usually find a setting in the UI to get GPU up and running.
  • Gnome Disk Utility & Gparted sees the M.2sata SSD. (Samsung Evo 970)
  • Ditto with Parted Magic (on USB3 stick), yet they do not recognise its type…?
  • When I press enter for my password, it causes the system to log out of the desktop as try I to access the firewall and activate it…?
  • It also logs out when opening Media player, Clementine or Gthumb…?


  • Read your comments on the UKUU kernels, so a non starter.
  • The majority of the search results were ambiguous or ill informed at best.
  • One google site had unsavoury rants/opinions, about Intel 8th Gen and Linux.
  • A Manjaro user on a forum eventually succeeded with 4.13 or 4.14 kernels.
  • There was no follow up on this subject in this site.
  • The Manjaro forum itself has no references.
  • Archwiki, when I’m feeling brave, but flunked nerd at school, lol…!
  • The 4.19 is the next gen LTS, still in development and TBA.


  • There is a kernel and GPU issues.
  • Linux is my daily driver and don’t want to go down the unstable or testing path.
  • Windies is for gaming purposes, or if I get fed up with it idiocracies, its gone.
  • A 2 port KVM switcher, looks viable for my SFF Dell and the new rig.
  • Only concern, would a KVM switcher be suitable for gaming…?

regards mack :slight_smile:

When in GRUB, select the entry for your distribution and press ‘E’.

Then you will see the following.

Now go to the row where it says “quiet splash” and probably further tags. Append the tag “nomodeset” and press ‘Ctrl + X’. Now check if anything in regards to your OS’ graphical performance gets better.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Touch of déjà vu, had similar issues my Haswell rig, took a newer kernel to over come it.

After trialing numerous distros, Manjaro & MX Linux were shortlisted.

I chose Manjaro, mainly due it having a clean screen between start up and the login screen, whereas MX runs diagnostic scripts and the graphic card enlarges the script (huge being an understatement), even numerous adjustments to Plymouth settings did not help.

On my spare lappie (no graphic card) MX runs sweetly, and diagnostic scripts were in keeping with the system font sizes. Similar to how Manjaro manages theirs, but my rig with graphic card.

This morning the system had an upgrade to the 4.19 LTS kernel, now purring along. Up until today, I didn’t realise I prefer systemd, as become accustomed to their useful CLI commands.