Retro Linux - A trip down memory lane!

I created this topic for members to show their old distros
If you have got any cool stuff to show please post it

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Mandrake 9.2
Year 2003


Nice idea. Maybe we should rename the topic tp something more obvious like “Retro Linux” or “Lookback at Linux in History” or something like this?

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thanks for the idea :wink:

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My Mepis desktop in 2009. I remember those Skype calls were of such crystal clear quality!


I added a “history” category. Couldn’t think of a better suited name.

I don’t have the screenshots of mine, but you can find its image on distrowatch, this was my most favorite Linux distro, followed by Mepis and Mandrake 9.2 that one of the previous posters has posted above.

Debris linux was straight to the point, low on resource needs, worked lightning fast on my Acer 10" screen Atom-cpu powered machine. Loved it.