Review about "Lingua Libre" A FOSS alternative to

There is a Free and Open Source alternative to Forvo. com called “Lingua Libre”: is a great resource for language learners. The website began in 2008 with a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 License. More than 5 million recordings were submitted with that “Open” License. However, recently they decided to suddenly change their License and make all the audios their private property with a new License that is incompatible with the “Commons License” principles. basically “revoked” the Commons License and made everything proprietary and closed sourced.

Fortunately, there is a new FOSS alternative called “Lingua Libre” but few people know about it.

Would it be possible to publish a review about “Lingua Libre” to increase awareness about that FOSS Project ?

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Lingua Libre is an important project for Countries like India with minority languages. Actually, there is an active community from India but more contributors are needed !

It would be great if you could make an unbiased review of the Website and ask readers to record their native languages !

Here you can see the list of languages and their number of recordings on Lingua Libre:

By the way, the Copyright Violation of Forvo was described on Wikipedia:

I know it’s an open source project, but if you are not interested in engaging with the community and just want the review out, then please contact Abhishek through a way of personal messaging, like, for example, e-mail.

Thanks. I did it but the community can also benefit from knowing about that topic here. We can discuss about FOSS resources for learning languages :smiley: