RSS Reader - I like RSS Owl so much, but the developer quit upgrading it

Which RSS Readers do you use and why?

Because I use it anyway as e-mail client and PIM.

I always thought Thunderbird was email only… So it does RSS too? I’m surprised. I’ll check it out again when I fix my computer in two weeks or less. Using a Raspberry Pi to browse the web now.

i don’t think i knew that either. good to know :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick summary:

QuiteRSS (Qt)
Simple with everything you need from a RSS Reader.


SpaRSS (F-Droid, Android)

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QuiteRSS - allows flexible configuration of folders, feeds and refresh times, minimises to system tray nicely (on Windows) and has a nice minimal display of unread news that pops up from the system tray, saving having to open the reader for trivial news.

Thank you for the quick summary…

I will try QuiteRSS in a couple weeks or less.

I use the online service Newsblur. All you need is a browser on the computer, but they also have Android and IOS apps. It syncs across all your devices which is what I like. There is a free tier as well as a paid one with more options (worth the low cost IMO).


It’s FOSS has an article on same topic:

Personally, I use Feedly. It is a browser plugin and available for mobile devices.


i found the newsblur app originally through f-droid. i haven’t checked out the browser version yet, but enjoy the reader on my phone :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that article. I read it. Good information. One question I have was not answered by the article. Do any of the 5 mentioned in the article have an undelete option? RSSOwl had one and I used it quite a lot.

Not sure of that. You may try it and see if they have that option.