Rsync - What, why, how (German/English)

Hello there.
I have a second experimental article on a topic that is often mentioned in many threads:
I tried to gather useful information from some web sources and form it in an understandable article.
Maybe someone might find it useful.
Please feel free to contact me on found errors (both, text and logic) or other suggestions that might make it better.

Fast Edi


Hi @Fast.Edi,
In the Backup section, the {} are bash shell specific. They fail with sh

and I think the --delete option needs a few more words of discussion
eg point out the difference between an archive backup and a synchronised backup
I dont use --delete for my backups, ie I keep everything even if deleted at the source, so it is really an archive. … No rules , the user has to

–delete needs a caution… I could envisage myself accidentally deleting files at the source, then running rsync and having them disappear from the backup too. That is hardly what one needs from a backup

Best thing I have read on rsync


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Dammit… :wink:
I remember the same situation in your tut USB-Install…
Thanks for the suggestions. I agree, -delete should be explained more deeply for it might be dangerous.


I’m listening to Rammstein’s new album (Zeit, came out yesterday), and reading this, and I’m reading the German like it’s being sung by Tille Lindemann… :smiley:

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Oh, my…
I assure you, my voice is not at all such powerfull…