Running Ubuntu on dual boot with Windows

Good day everyone,

I am new to Ubuntu and I have installed it together with Windows on a different partition now using dual boot. I have a question: if by any chance I get a virus on Ubuntu is it possible to spread to my Windows partition as well?

Thank you in advance for the answers!

  1. You don’t get a Virus on Ubuntu.
  2. If you surf shady websites, there is a very low chance your computer might pull malicious software.
  3. Most of them are pretty harmless, some can be even ignored.
  4. There are exceptional malicious practices that are OS and largely hardware independent. However such professional infiltration software won’t be deployed on your machine, because no real hacker would waste so much time and effort on a generic user, which I assume you are.

Thank you for the answer, yes I am a generic user.

So you have nothing to worry about. Especially, when using Linux. You should be more afraid (still, not a lot, but relatively more than on Linux), that you catch something on Windows. If you want to be super safe, use only a Linux based OS.