Sandisk 1Tb no longer usable or visible

Photorec ran as you said it would, but there’s nothing more there than the Sandisk icon to import.

At this point of the game, i don’t want to try recuperating any data (did try Recuva) but simply erase the disk (something i tried doing in many ways) and use it to backup data.

Photorec already finished on a 1TB drive?
I expected it run many hours long.

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Managed to make it “unformated” via Windows.

There is no data to scan except that Sandisk app. (and a few relative folders) which blocks me from doing anything with the disk (even if “unlocked”).

You need to use the dd method and wipe the disk properly.

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If possible take the drive out and install it in a different machine.

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It’s been a crazy day folks!

No internet all afternoon… regular maintenance around the property… and to top it off… a 1Tb Sandisk, when plugged in, blocks hardwired mouse and keyboard from performing. Had looked up what “dd” meant and how to do it. But with a “frozen” mouse and keyboard, just couldn’t.

Sending the disk to the computer guy. If he can fix it, it’s his!

Sounds like it is draining power from the USB connection.


Could be.

Tried three times.

First time, thought it was a loose connection or port issue.

Then noticed that it happened only when that disk was plugged in.

Only way out was to force shutdown…

Unbelievable the time you can spend trying to fix something for an initial moment of distraction.

Anyhow… didn’t want to leave this thread without thanking y’all for trying to help out! Such a good bunch here! :slight_smile:


Just bought a 256GB SansDisk USB to use for my home camera system storage data. Sure enough it had all the SansDisk folders you have on yours, I just deleted everything and reformatted to Fat 32, and it is working fine. The SansDisk software, if installled will encrypt the USB.

It is called Intrusionware … thinks it knows what you want and does it for you behind your back.


Thanks Daniel.
We always appreciate someone who takes the time to give feedback