Screen timeout in Ubuntu 18

In all previous versions of Ubuntu I could change the time before the screen shutsdown and requires you to sign in again. Cannot find out to do that in Ubuntu 18. At one time it was done from settings

Settings > Power > Power saving > Blank screen - drop down menu to adjust desired time. :wink:

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The settings app does not have a “Power” option in Ubuntu 18. That was only in previous versions

Which Ubuntu are you using? Ubuntu 18.04 GNOME (default) or some other Ubuntu version?
I can see the power option in the Ubuntu 18.04 GNOME.

In agreement with Abhishek, on that point.

If you are not sure which Ubuntu OS you’re using.

Open a terminal and enter following commands:

  • cat /etc/*release

  • inxi -Fxz (full OS details and hardware details) :wink:

I had a screen time out problem also.if I want my laptop to not time out while my wife watches a movie online. I can’t set the time long enough on battery. I need to plug it in to avoid the screen blackout. I’m running the latest version of Ubuntu studio.

If you are using Gnome as your desktop, you can install the caffeine extension to keep the screen on when activated.

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