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What are the best resources to learn scripting languages like bash, shell etc.

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Funny enough, I actually was just now reading about bash scripting.

The word “best” is always considered very subjective. If you want the most straightforward and purely information-driven experience, then you can go for a simple thing like typing man bash into your bash shell.

If you want to go for a more fancy shmancy narration-styled experience, you can pick up one of the many ebooks or guides about bash shell scripting.

If you want something extensive online on a website, but without the fancy shmancy stuff you may as well check out this guide.

If you prefer audio support included in the tutorial then you can go for videos about it.

Well, how much you can find out by just searching the internet.



You can begin with python, is relativelly easy and is large used in Linux ( all versions ). :sunglasses:



I seemed to remember this I think there are others on the subject @abhishek will know if there are. This might help you to start looking



What about Linux commands? Is there any easy to read reference site / book for Unix / Linux commands. When I try the man or help command I am swamp with every option under the Sun. I just want a sample of the command and maybe some most used options. Maybe I need a Linux for Dummies book? :nerd_face:

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i remember having this exact same question when i first started trying to come to a better understanding of how to use a terminal. one of the first recommendations i came across was the linux command line, but that felt like too much for my beginner brain to comprehend. i think i probably still have a (99% unread) copy floating around on a hard drive here somewhere :slight_smile:

one of the recommendations i have seen a few times on reddit is i think i looked around for a little while the first time i read about it. i haven’t used it extensively, but it does look like a well put together resource. i had also read about terminus on reddit. it is styled after text-based adventure games from days of yore. that one i did play for quite some time. in the end it didn’t teach me a lot of commands, but got me used to typing the same commands frequently which is something i have learned to do on my own system as i grow more comfortable with the command line.

@easyt50 any objection to me shifting our two posts over to the linux command line category? i think this might be a question that others would be interested in and feel like it might be buried a bit here under a scripting thread :slight_smile:

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