Scripting Language


What are the best resources to learn scripting languages like bash, shell etc.


Funny enough, I actually was just now reading about bash scripting.

The word “best” is always considered very subjective. If you want the most straightforward and purely information-driven experience, then you can go for a simple thing like typing man bash into your bash shell.

If you want to go for a more fancy shmancy narration-styled experience, you can pick up one of the many ebooks or guides about bash shell scripting.

If you want something extensive online on a website, but without the fancy shmancy stuff you may as well check out this guide.

If you prefer audio support included in the tutorial then you can go for videos about it.

Well, how much you can find out by just searching the internet.


You can begin with python, is relativelly easy and is large used in Linux ( all versions ). :sunglasses: