Searching the hard drive

Using Xbuntu OS. How do you search the hard drive. Thanks ahead.

You can search your hard drive within the output of the following command:


In case this is not what you are looking for, try elaborating your question.

Thank you for the answer. But, you were also right as to what I wanted. How can I search for a specific file. Including ones in a USB drive & a storage hard drive. This is what’s in search box- /media/fred/simpleportable/ When I delete it or add a file & hit enter it goes back to /media/fred/simpleportable/ Tried by deleting & putting in a file same problem. Goes back. Thanks again.

Install catfish it does a pretty good job. It is in the repository and can be install with this command. sudo apt install catfish

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Mainly hard disk is " Sda" or “Sda1” for old disks is hda or hda1.

If you’re using the Thunar file manager program (which comes with XFCE), you may have Catfish already installed, because there’s no way of searching for files in Thunar. Look under the file menu, and you may see “find files here” which opens Catfish if you click on it. It will search from where your file manager is open.

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Thanks everyone for the help. I will try catfish

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