Setting chroot environment in btrfs in order to recover efi partition

i have linux mint 20.3 xfce ext4 with ubuntu mate 22.04 btrfs. i accidently deleted efi partition i recovered linux mint by this article “How to restore Ubuntu's EFI partition in Ubuntu 20.04 - Techzim” ant it working perfectly encluding grub but after mounting ubuntu mate and efi partition on ubuntu mate .i have to set chroot environment but btrfs has two partitions except swap and efi folder is in 500 mb ext4 partition and /dev /dev/pts /run these are in btrfs .please read article carefully and tell me how to set chroot environment in btrfs. “for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done” by this we can set chroot environment in ext4 please help me to do for btrfs.

How many backups did you take before and after the incident? Why not just restore one of them?

It’s probably easier if you took an additional backup and then just re-installed Mint without deleting the previously available data. This way you can get back easily what you have lost.

Still, it would be best to just restore one of the many backups you created.

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i have no any backup .i had installed ubuntu mate to take backup easily and restore but before that i ran into this problem.i have a dvd player in my laptop i want to replace it with a ssd what will its cost.Make Your Laptop 5X Faster 🚀🚀 How to Install SSD in Laptop | Laptop RAM Upgrade | Clone HDD to SSD - YouTube like this

Well, that’s your problem. I have no idea how you could do all these things without a single backup.

You should start from scratch and this time take regular backups.

i have set chroot environmen by “Chroot into a btrfs uefi system from live media - #3 by xircon - General system - EndeavourOS” but my ubuntu mate is not showing in grub i tried sudo update-grub and installing grub again but don’t work .

You should start from scratch and this time take regular backups.