Setting LIVE WALLPAPER in Ubuntu!

Guys, I wanted to know that can we set live wallpaper or video on Ubuntu 20.04
something like screen saver in win 10 :yum:

Actually I am not getting options for customization of desktop screen, all I know is that just I can download a picture and Rt click and set as wallpaper. :laughing:

KDE Plasma can do this. Right click the desktop, choose “Desktop Folder Settings”, then choose “Get New Plugins”. You can pick "Animated Image Wallpaper to use and animated GIF/MNG/WEBP animated images. From there, pick your favorite animated gif and tile it to your wallpaper.

To set any pic as wall paper , I use “variety” an app made available by the Bulgarian photographer Peter Levi . sudo apt install variety.
Using the app in Linux Mint and Zorin OS.
Frank in County Wicklow Ireland .

I’ll add my vote for Variety as one of the most useful of useless apps. It’s really not necessary but it’s entertaining, flexible, and glitch-free. And you can have it dip into your own pictures for an occasional familiar scene.

National Geographic Photo of the Day app works well with Ubuntu. You can also set it to Microsoft photo of the day.