Setting up a file server

I have a large collection of mp3 music files. I would like to manage the collection on Linux computer A, but use Linux computer B on the same network as the player for a stereo system. Both computers should be able to read and write to the collection. A and B have Ethernet connections to the same switch. Would a file server on “A” be a good way to do this? I have never (successfully) set up a file server before. I’d like to get some recommendations for a good “instruction sheet” on how to do this. My skill level with networking is 3 out of 10. Thanks.

Good news… the networking is already there.
One solution is to use NFS… It would enable computer B to view the disk of computer A just as if it were its own disk.

Try to find an NFS tutorial with google. This one seems ok to me



Thanks for the good news and the suggestion; I will follow that lead.

@nevj – I followed the instructions for which you provided the link, and voila! It works! Thanks again, case closed.


Great. I will keep that link

Thank you for sharing -

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