Setting up Fujitsu fi6130 Scanner

I am a new convert from Windows and have got as far as setting up Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS on A Dell Latitude E6530 ,6 GB RAM i5 processor Gnome ver 42.9
Once opened Ubuntu found my network printer an HP PhotoMart 5520 and there has been no problem printing or doing some basic scanning on it .

However I had attached to my Windows laptop a much more sophisticated scanner ie the Fujitsu fi6130Z and I would like to use it for most of the heavier,more complex scanning jobs.

Not knowing what to expect I plugged it in ,the 6130z has not got any wireless capability so just have to use the same USB cable I used with Windows laptop .
However when plugged in via USB and I went to setting >printers nothing other than my HP PhotoSmart and CUPS-BRF PRINTER were showing .

I’ve had a look under Sane:supported devices and the scanner is listed .it quotes a USB ID ,says under “Status” “complete” nothing at all listed under “Comments” .Under Back END it lists Fujitsu 139 and finally under ManPage Sane Fujitsu.

Question is ,where do I go from here ie should it be listed and ready to go or do I need to take some action to get them talking via the USB port.
I’m not even an experienced Windows user so am lost at this point. Can anyone tell me as clearly as possible what I now need to do to get the scanner operational via Ubuntu .

If you need any more info from me to enable you to help please let me know


Look for an app called “Document Scanner”, it’s likely already installed and works with most USB scanners without any extra configuration.

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Another approach is to install VueScan. It supports pretty much every scanner. You have to pay to get access to all the features but I believe you can use a limited feature set for free.

Will have a look when I get up in a couple of hours.As explained below I’m maybe looking for a level of control with this scanner that I get on Windows via PaperStream software and Linux can’t offer that.
Hoping someone will show me I’m wrong and Linux via Ubuntu can do

Try this link as Don suggested.

This may help some too.

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Thanks .these manuals look very useful .Not sure what the difference is between paperStream capture Pro and PaperStream Capture other than for PaperStream Capture I need the Dvd bundled with the original software which I don’t have.Do you think Pro is an option or is that likely to involve a cost.Cant see any mention.Wondering if there’s no cost why everyone wouldn’t download the Pro Version.
Everything mentions Windows can I assume this is all for Windows users but not relevant to Ubuntu?

I don’t think the scanner will be listed where you look for the printers.

Others pointed you to Vuescan, which is great, but if your scanner is supported by SANE, I’m not sure you need it.

Document scanner is also great, if you just want to quickly scan possibly multiple pages into one pdf for emailing, but it has very few options to set.

Only the paper size, and dpi for text and image, and some contrast/brightness.

In my pratice, if I need to scan 5 pages to send it in email, I use this document scanner.
If I need the image, and fine grained control over scanning parameters, I use GIMP.

There’s a menu for accessing XSane device dialog:

This launches Xsane, first it searches for the available scanners (for couple seconds)
Képernyőkép 2023-10-17 10-16-59

then after it shows up what scenners it found, and I need to choose:
Képernyőkép 2023-10-17 10-17-31

After that I have quite good control over scanning parameters, and what to scan:

Would that be enough for you for free?
If yes, first check wether you have Sane (and XSane) installed at all:

Run the command in a terminal: dpkg -l xsane*

laco@Nagygep:~$ dpkg -l xsane*
| Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend
|/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Név            Verzió       Architecture Leírás
ii  xsane          0.999-10     amd64        featureful graphical frontend for SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)
ii  xsane-common   0.999-10     all          xsane architecture independent files

If you see lines like this starting with ii that means xsane is installed. The version may differ.
It should handle you supported scanner.
If you see similar lines, but starting with un it is not installed, so try to install:
sudo apt install xsane

And see if you can scan?


You are on the right track. It is a SANE device, not a printer.
You may need a driver
Have a look here

Linux drivers may not support the full set of features.

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SANE has the driver builtin, SANE talks to the scanner, if that scanner is supported.
Quote from your link:

" Works for me on MacOS with installing brew install sane-backends and Debian Buster with installing apt install sane without any additional configuration…"

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OK, it is different to my brother MFC… it needs drivers. It is interesting, it has separate drivers for the print and scan operations.

So all @davg needs to do is configure SANE properly.

If you have a copy of the original software supplied by the company and the scanner then I would suggest you install wine from the software repository then use that to install your scan tool software

I have never tried this scanner or the tool just going with past experience on windows tools

The Windows software for that scanner talks to the device through the device driver on Windows. Is it possible to install a driver into WINE? I have never heard of a success with that…

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I believe it uses Twain drivers to communicate but the web site does not give details

I was thinking more of the software tool for after capturing the images

To be honest I use simple scan and that does enough for. Me


Thanks for that extremely helpful reply very grateful for the time and effort you gave.

Pleased to report that by following through with the reply you submitted have got the Fujitsu fi6130Z now working nicely with Ubuntu and giving me a level of scanning control which will do for about 90 % of my needs .The software I was using on the Windows 10 platform was I suppose aimed at the larger business user eg the basic users manual has 95 pages :scream:
Sorry for delay in responding but trying to do some pre winter lime mortar pointing to my house before frost arrives ( already got me as cars all frozen white early morning last 2 days) so currently between a rock and a hard place ,
Hope I don’t have to bug the Community too much as I learn slowly the Linux ropes ,your contribution so far much valued and useful
Thank you


Don’t have the original software anymore laptop it was copied on to collapsed and no longer had disk.

However via the help I have had here including your own contribution have got Ubuntu and the fugitsu fi6130Z scanner talking to each other now to a level which I’m sure will meet 90+% of my scanning requirements at least for text based . Just have to master now integration with Gimp to try and use for photographic reproduction - hopefully will get there eventually as I try and get there by standing on the shoulders of giants in Community etc

Thanks for your help



Thanks for all your valuable help here ,see other replies for where I’ve reached thanks largely to the FOSS Community contributions - I am humbled and very grateful .
Hopefully one day I can reciprocate and actually contribute ,
. That day can’t come fast enough


I’m wondering what is that 10% you still miss?
Maybe someone can have an idea how to get that 10% too… :smiley:

You are most welcome, and I’m really happy that this scanner works for you :smiley:


If you,ve got the time and inclination look up the Paperstreams User manual. As I mentioned somewhere it runs to about 95 pages so there are a lot of options :scream:
Thanks for your help