Setup email reader in (doom)emacs

Emacs or Doom-Emacs advocates tend to do almost everything on this all-powerful editor/assistant/platform, aided by fast key-driven scripts. Email management is one big step towards ultimate efficiency.

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I’d love to play around with stuff like this as well, but unfortunately the more underground editors like this, and claws, and even probably mutt require gmail’s “less secure app” setting to be turned on… and gmail has ever so kindly made that feature unavailable to be turned on. ugh. lol

for shits n giggles, a few years back (doesn’t seem that long ago, but probably 10 or more years) I got mutt working with gmail - don’t remember how, only did it for a few months… maybe they have disabled that part of the API since then? I had my mutt and .muttrc on Dropbox, and I could use it from nearly anywhere…

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Google removed the “less secure app” option for sure… :frowning:
I use my own self hosted e-mail, so for me it’s not a problem, but others in my family had to look for another e-mail client for Android, because K9 that time did not support the oauth2 thing…

I used to self host my email, until I got sick of emails not being delivered because of black listing/other crap.

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That’s because you probably sent out email from your dynamic IP address. Did you?
If you have a VPS with a static IP (not from the dynamic address pool), and you set up SPF and DKIM, your emails remain deliverable.

nah, i was using a dedicated server at the time… 90 percent of the emails were going through, it seemed to be just the ones I actually needed that wouldn’t go for whatever reason.

I once managed an SMTP MTA running on Solaris (sendmail) dedicated APNIC fixed IP address with MX record - Telstra - of ALL the possible entities (who are riddled with failures and breaches constantly) blacklisted it…

We had to re-compile sendmail, fire it up again, and wait 24 hours to get off the blacklist… seriously f–k TELSTRA! But also Optus too! In fact f–k them all!