SGX disabled by Bios

I started receiving this message at the beginning of each boot, “SGX disabled by Bios”. As I have a Lenovo desktop with a Intel i7-9700 CPU, I went to the Intel Support page. Reading the support page for INTEL I found switching from UEFI to Legacy boot disables SGX. To re-engage SGX you have to boot into Win OS and download the Windows app from Intel support. Question: does switching the boot option to UEFI and re-engaging SGX in Win 11 present any problems to my Linux OS ? I run a duel boot from 2 physical drives and use Win11 only when the need arises, so is this even a problem ?

Windows 11 is eagerly presenting an increasing number of bugs.
As I continue to state, duel boot systems are ripe with issues and are best avoided.
It’s just not worth the aggravation given the stability and freedom of Linux.

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