Share your own customized desktop look

Switched over to ZorinOS 15 Lite yesterday.


Not much going on here. Pop!_OS tweaked with a theme + wallpaper I like :slight_smile:


Could you please tell which linux distro is this?

You might as well find it with a simple search.

If none of the examples seem close enough to what you are looking for, a theme which clones the macOS looks is probably additionally needed to make that Linux look entirely like macOS.

This is my Desktop Linux Mint Ulyssa XFCE with my own background transparent panels.

This is with Terminal and Nemo open I don’t like Thunar so on every Desktop I have, Nemo installed running as Default. The theme is my own called Smooth, which it is no Undershoot or Overshoot lines here. The Icon theme is Sardi-Ghost-Flexible-Grey. I’m only forty nine and already loving beige.