Shell - scripting - signed integer to unsigned

OK - I wrote a shell script this morning to run as a daily countdown… but the integer result I get is a negative value - i.e. a “signed integer”… I want an unsigned integer…

When I try to reformat it using printf "%u" I get some weird number.

Background, U.S. band Tool are releasing their first new album in 13 years on 30/08/2019 - and I wanted to calculate the number of days between now - and then run a “countdown” of days: I’m a bit “okay” with the signed output - but I’d rather just a number, unsigned.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Calculate numdays till new Tool album : 
while true 
        export TD=$(date '+%y%m%d')
        # echo $TD
        # echo $(( ($(date --date=$TD +%s) - $(date --date="190830" +%s) )/(60*60*24) ))
        TENKDAYS=`echo $(( ($(date --date=$TD +%s) - $(date --date="$END" +%s) )/(60*60*24) ))`
        UNSIGN=$(printf "%u" $TENKDAYS)
        echo " ------------------------------ "
        echo ""
        echo $TENKDAYS days till new tool album....
        echo ""
        echo "   $TENKDAYS !!!" | figlet -f $FONT
        echo ""
        echo " ------------------------------"
        sleep 60

e.g. today it returns “-51”… I’d rather just see “51”…

If I use $UNSIGN result from " - I get some huge long number (e.g. 18446744073709551566)…

  • update -
    Note - I kinda resolved this by converting the signed int to a string - then used awk to remove the “-” if the value is less than zero… but I’d rather figure out how to convert the signed int to unsigned…

  • update 2 -
    Just typing this post I realised another possible solution - subtract -51 from 0 :
    echo $((0 - -51))


In your script

export TD=$(date '+%y%m%d')
echo $(( ($(date --date=$TD +%s)

I believe that it can be replaced with date +%s

Also note The %s returns utc seconds since 1 Jan 1970 Do you want to round it to a midnight time?
but ```
date --date="$END" +%s is larger than date +%s # that it is larger than your $TD because it is today at midnight.
perhaps you want “date --date=”$END" +%s" as being today at midnight being the left argument.


Also if number is negative multiply by -1. (-51 * -1) = 51.
From the old Algebra class; negative times negative equals positive.

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Thanks first responders :smiley: - yeah I got it arse about…

Should be $END less $TD :smiley:

I was always crap at maths at school… even worse at Uni, failed comp-sci maths unit first attempt, failed exam 2nd attempt (but was the only unit you didn’t need to pass the exam to get a pass mark for semester)…

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